Voice of the Mirror – Keir Starmer has shown that Labour is under new management

Keir Starmer yesterday showed the leadership Labour has been missing.

He was right to say that the report into anti-Semitism was a shameful day for the party.

His response to the findings showed he understood the pain caused by the failure to deal with anti-Jewish hate and he was serious about ridding the poison from the movement.

By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn appeared in denial about what had happened on his watch.

His failure to offer an apology left the Labour Party with little option but to suspend him.

As Mr Starmer said, if you deny there is a problem then you are part of the problem.

Strong leadership requires taking difficult decisions even if they are unpopular.

It requires acting with principle and consistency. And it requires standing by the promises you make.

Mr Starmer did all of those things and proved that Labour is under new management and serious about winning power.

There is a long way to go to win back voters.

However drawing a decisive line under the Corbyn era will be seen as a milestone on the journey back to government.

Failing Test
This weekend will see millions more under tougher Covid rules.

The vast majority are willing to accept the restrictions provided they help save lives.

Given the sacrifices involved, people want to know the Government is doing everything it can to limit the spread of the virus.

But Test and Trace in England is still failing. Despite a £12billion budget, 40% of close contacts are not being reached.

Boris Johnson pledged in June that all test results would be turned around in 24 hours. Only 23% of in-person tests were processed within that time. Test and Trace is key to controlling Covid. It needs fixing fast.

Bobby Dazzler
Bobby Ball was a brilliant entertainer, actor and comedian.

He did not just make the world laugh, he made it a happier place.