Man filmed punching policewoman and tackling her to ground after heated row

Shocking footage shows a man yelling ‘you are a disgrace’ to a policewoman before punching her in the face and tackling her to the ground in a busy street.

The clip shows the pair in a heated argument seconds before the attack takes place in London.

The row becomes more ferocious resulting in large crowds gathering at the scene before the man shouts at the female police officer: “You are a disgrace! Yes, disgrace!

“Shut up, I didn’t swear!”

Members of the public show their support for the man by saying “he’s not swearing!” while others from the other side of the road whip out their phones to film the scene.

Two men tap the suspect’s shoulder in a bid to calm him down but the situation continues to escalate.

Another officer tries to calm the crowd down as the policewoman appears to retrieve her handcuffs.

She walks closer to the man to arrest him but he throws a punch to her face and attacks her, tackling the officer to the ground.

Onlookers scream in horror as the shocking violence unfolds before their eyes.

Other officers rush to their colleague’s aid to control the raging man.

It is not known where the attack took place in London or if the man was arrested or charged.